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Discover here the range of services we offer to meet your specific needs.




  • 61.000 m2 warehouse capacity (50% with a 10m height), with a further 50.000 m2 flexible surface in close proximity.

  • Forty loading/unloading docks and twenty-five special forklifts.

  • Storage capacity up to 700.000 tyres on site and ability to manage up to 25.000 products at a time.

  • State-of-the-art scanning devises and radio frequency steering.

  • Processing capacity of up to 40.000 tyres/day.

  • Labelling and shrink-wrapping of palettes.

  • Preparation of delivery tours, with up to 1000 drops/stops/day.

4 Wheels

- An integrated process to manage the storage of summer or winter wheels, which we operate under License by the major German actor in this field.


  • With this service concept T.L.I. can offer tyre dealers, car importers and distributors, the pick-up, storage, follow-up and re-delivery of the dismounted sets during the seasonal change. Cleaning and wear-reporting can also be added as an extra service.


Tyre Hotel

- This department is in charge of managing the storage of dismounted tyres for the car leasing companies and tyre dealers during the summer or winter seasons.


Tyre Fitting

- T.L.I. can offer semi-industrial tyre mounting facilities for both passenger and truck tyres, with a capacity of over1000 tyres/day.





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